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XR79 infrared cabin Dimensions 1000x1000x1900

XR79 infrared cabin Dimensions 1000x1000x1900


Dimensions available


Height 1900mm

Width 1000mm

Length 1000mm (door side)


  • Benefits

    • Infrared sauna reduces stress and fatigue


    • The infrared sauna allows better sleep


    • The infrared sauna improves the cardiovascular system


    • The infrared sauna strengthens the immune system


    • The infrared sauna contributes to the purification of the skin


    • Infrared sauna increases blood circulation


    • The infrared sauna reduces tension


    • Infrared sauna improves oxygenation


    • Infrared sauna relieves rheumatism and arthritis


    • Infrared rays accelerate cellular functions


    • The infrared sauna has slimming effects


    • With the infrared sauna, a 30 min session is estimated at 800-1000 Kcal loss


    • The infrared sauna helps eliminate heavy metals (nickel, lead) and alcohol.




    The infrared sauna







    infrared sauna

  • Included

    • 6 Mica Plates
    • Digital control panel
    • 7mm windows
    • LED light
    • Ventilation
  • Technical informations

    Dimensions available


    Height 1900mm

    Width 1000mm

    Length 1000mm (door side)


    Type of wood

    Cedar (Canada)

    Hemlock (Canada)

    Pine (Finland)



    This item requires a nearby electrical supply with installation of a residual current circuit breaker in the panel.



    Voltage 110-230-400 Volts

    Single-phase cable 3x1.5mm2

    Frequency: 50-60Hz (Europe-USA)

    Current: 13A

    Total power: 1.8KW



    This item requires indoor installation, i.e. concrete slab, tiles, level hard floor.


    Place of delivery

    Deposit -Road - Final room or location


    Type of delivery person

    Delivery Truck - Mover - Express Post - Crane


    Crane delivery required

    Yes -No


    Installer Type

    Individual - Sanitary -Carpenter -Electrician



    Easy -Average - Difficult


    Commissioned by Funny-Spa

    Yes (option) - No -On demand

  • Options +

    Assembly and commissioning 1290 CHF


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