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Your parcels in good hands...

  • delivers all Spas that are offered on the site. 

  • We deliver your Spa as you wish from the many choices of colors and accessories available. 

  • Our deliveries are made by  professionals and dropped off at the most accessible place by truck  (Door to door).

  • Funny-spa gives you all the warranties of a regional dealer (2-year warranties on parts).

  • Spas are delivered to the address of the recipient, delivery by crane or requiring special transport (helicopter) is not included. You can contact us for this kind of request. 

  • With the system of traking we can inform you of the tracking of your package.

  • We send the parcels as quickly as possible and in the best conditions (additional protection in a wooden box).


The installation of a Spa requires 1 to 2 days


You benefit from a 5 year warranty on the Spa shell and 2 years on all other parts.


Each person is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. The Spas  require maintenance, cleaning, water control, correct dosage of products, etc...

Pond cleaning

Helps keep water clean and transparent.

Remember to change the oil every 2-3 months.

water product

The swimming pool requires a dosage of PH and chlorine.

Too much chlorine damages the pumps.

Filter cleaning

Follow the procedure correctly to clean the filter.

after-sales service

We deliver the parts as soon as possible according to the stock.

You can extend your warranty to the Premium warranty which gives you the warranty for parts and repairs. (Included during installation) For additional information see CGV.

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