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Funny-Spa - Relaxation and well-being

  • Our principle is based on the sale of Jacuzzi, Whirlpool or Spa bubble baths. We work with products from qualities leaders in Spa materials, which have been tested and will be fitted according to your choice. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


  • Our skills

Our skills are based on the service of advice and follow-up, before, during and after the order by offering the most competitive guarantees. 
We optimize the deliveries of the models as much as possible in order to offer you the best possible price on the market. We offer you a availability and many ways to contact us.


  • Our logistics constantly seeks reliable quality products at affordable prices and delivers them to order,  which involves no storage costs, additional delivery costs, commercial surface costs.
As a result, we guarantee follow-up from the factory of the selected products to the final recipient without additional intermediaries.


  • Our after-sales service

After-sales service remains our priority and we solve each case individually. The big Call-Centers frozen in endless standards and procedures, we don't like cela. We are committed to  listening to you and giving you satisfaction  with each exchange.

Funny Spa


Presentation by Pascal Fardel


Born en Switzerland, I grew up in a magnificent region in the heart of the Alps.

With a technical training in electricity, I then went into sales.

I was able to discover the benefits of hot springs in thermal baths and understand the importance of the effect of water on the body.


The 4 elements are found in a Spa; water, air, earth and fire. This essential energy recharge for our body, allows to evacuate stress and tension more and more present in our society.

This is why your well-being remains my priority.

With my team, I am proud to offer you my selections via my platform and to advise you on our products.


Pascal Fardel

Ancre 3
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